Monday, February 22, 2016

New Podcast Series

I promise I won't bombard this blog with posts every time we put an episode up, but I wanted to share that I have recently started podcasting with a colleague. We have started our series Hey! Listen! as part of the Diffle Presents podcast, where Michael and I will be talking all things geek and gamer-related every week. The first episode is up, where we give a bit of an intro about ourselves and our gaming histories. Next week we'll be talking about the original NES specifically, then the week after that, Xbox v. Playstation. We be getting into all things video games, comics, movies, tv shows, and more! Hope you'll join us for this series and all the other great episodes of the Diffle Presents.

Check out the episode here. Be sure to subscribe to new posts on the Diffle Presents page for new episodes of Hey! Listen! every week.

Keep reading, Beth

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