Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl

My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life (2015) by Ruth Reichl is part memoir, part cookbook -- very similar to many of Nigel Slater's books (all of which I love) -- filled with both stories and recipes.

Following the year after the closure of Gourmet magazine in 2009 (RIP), and using her tweets from that time as the foundation of the story, it was a nice glimpse into what she went through following the abrupt closure of the magazine, and then later through the process of writing this book, and the beginnings of becoming a fiction author.

I liked that she didn't play up the 'sappy' quality of some of her tweets, and seemed to be pretty honest about what she went through and how she felt. I empathized with how personally she took the closure of the magazine as its Editor, and how responsible she felt for not only the readers of the magazine but also the dozens of employees put out of a job so suddenly by its sudden and totally unexpected closure.

And the recipes themselves looked wonderful. Some were complex and involved, but many were simple meals cooked to comfort herself and/or provide for her family. I love these kinds of cookbooks that give insight into not only what the recipe is about, but also the process of coming up with the idea as much as making it. That's the kind of thing that really inspires me!
"Sleepy gray afternoon. Storm blows in: pounding rain. Pasta sizzled in oil. Chile-sparked. Tang of bottarga. Splash of lemon. Awake!" (p. 266)
Keep reading! Beth

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