Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ruth Galloway mystery series #5-7

Elly Griffiths continues her wonderful Ruth Galloway series in books 5-7, in which Ruth continues to solve crimes, inadvertently place herself in mortal danger, and struggle with her personal relationships in a rather endearing way. (See my review of book #1 of the series here, and books #2-4 here.)

#5: Dying Fall (2013) 

Yet another great entry in the series. I loved that Cathbad was a greater part of this story; we really got to know him better. And some additional insight into Nelson's character, being back in his hometown. Otherwise, it was a little silly that - having been in situations of mortal peril at least 3 times previously - Ruth still decides to go check out these bones with her daughter after getting threatening texts. Slightly unbelievable, but I guess it's good for the main character to have flaws and make bad decisions - it would be hard to really connect with her if she was perfect.
"'You need a break, a complete rest, recharge your batteries.' Recharge you batteries. What the hell does that mean? Nelson prides himself on not needing batteries. He's an old-fashioned, wind up model." (p. 21)

#6: The Outcast Dead (2014)  

The story in this one had a great sub-plot that really developed Judy's character especially. I'm very glad Tim has joined the team; I really like him. And so glad Cathbad has been given a reason and allowance to come back! Though I found his daughter, Maddie's, involvement in the case suspicious, it was nice to 'see' her again. And the way that the police case and the goings-on in Ruth's life intersected without Ruth officially working on the case was great and more realistic than Ruth officially consulting on every issue that comes to the police.

#7: The Ghost Fields (2015)  

It was -- interesting, I guess? -- that Nelson's wife Michelle got her own storyline in this book. I won't spoil too much by saying what this story was or my specific reaction to it, but regardless of what actually happened, I liked that she was given some additional character development outside of Nelson and Ruth. And I liked the way that Griffiths plays with suspicious of various characters, keeping you on your toes.

And that's me finally caught up on the Ruth Galloway series, just in time for the publication of book #8, The Woman in Blue, which came out May 3rd. Going to jump right into that one!

Keep reading! Beth

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