Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt

Here are the words that came to me as I read Mr. Splitfoot (2016) by Samantha Hunt:
A strange book, about which I was unsure for most of the time I was reading. Even more than half-way through, I was wondering why I was actually still reading it, especially as there was not nearly as much fantasy as the front flap description implied. But the story kept me going; I wasn't necessarily loving or even enjoying the book, but I really wanted to know what happened next.

Then twist ending made it worth it -- not only was it surprising, but it also resolved everything pretty neatly (which I always appreciate). A few things still left unsaid maybe, but anything not specifically explained was at least suggested -- good enough for me.

After I finished reading, this was one of those books that I had to just sit and think about for a few minutes, especially regarding people's general goodness (or lack thereof). The story really turned an unpleasant mirror on a sub-set of our culture most people try to ignore / forget about. Overall, this was a very interesting book that really made me think, and I was glad to have read it.
“Why do the living assume the dead know better than we do? Like they gained some knowledge by dying, but why wouldn't they just be the same confused people they were before they died?”

Keep reading! Beth

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