Friday, October 16, 2015

Hoopla - Coming soon to the DFL: eBook highlights

Hoopla is arriving for Duxbury patrons on Monday, October 19! This is a new source through which to borrow items, online or through the Hoopla app. There's no limit to the number of patrons who can borrow any individual item at a time - which means no waiting, and instant downloading for any item on offer. Hoopla has a huge variety of movies, music, tv shows, audiobooks, eBooks, and comics/graphic novels to choose from.

Come to our Hoopla Hoopla all day Monday 10/19 (we're open 2-8 pm) for more information, assistance registering, and a raffle, and we're available anytime if you need help signing up or using the service.

Here are some eBooks available to borrow through Hoopla that I'm considering checking out and trying. There are lots more available, so have fun browsing through the website: and sign up with your card starting Monday.

1. Miss Buncle's Book by D.E. Stevenson

The first in a 4-book series, this looks like a sweet little story about the residents of a small English town - my kind of subject matter!

From Amazon: "Recommended as a cozy, comfortable and old-fashioned read." - Good Reading Guide

2. Daughter of the God King by Anne Cleeland

A Regency novel that spans England to Egypt, with romance, mystery, drama, and intrigue - sounds like it has it all!

From Amazon: "Espionage and steamy passion—Regency style—burning up the pages from chapter one."—Raine Miller, New York Times-bestselling author

3. Citadels of Fire by L.K. Hill 

This sounds like a great historical thriller, complete with intrigue and conspiracy, encompassing two of the places that most interest me - England and Russia. Could be very exciting!

From Amazon: "If you enjoy historical fiction, in a Russian setting particularly, you'll enjoy Citadels of Fire. It's a wonderfully written story that I enjoyed getting lost in." - Review for Pretty Little Pages Blog

4. The Truth About Mr. Darcy by Susan Adriani 

Having read and loved a couple re-tellings/sequels to Pride and Prejudice this summer (check out my review here), I am always interested in checking out others, with different takes on the classic story. This one seems to overlap the events of the original, with a focus on Mr. Darcy and his relationship with that cad Wickham.

From Amazon:  "Truly remarkable, creative, and brilliantly written, The Trouble With Mr. Darcy is one "what if" variation you will surely not want to miss." - Austen Prose

5.  As One Devil to Another by Richard Platt 

This sounds like an interesting book, formatted in letters from one 'devil' to another, with commentary on humanity and man's shortcomings.

From Amazon: "Most who come to As One Devil to Another, Richard Platt's homage to The Screwtape Letters, will already be devotees of C. S. Lewis. They will not be disappointed.... ventriloquism on behalf of devilry is not easy, as is clear from attempts by others. ... It is impressive, therefore, that Platt has been able to maintain a high standard over 31 letters, the same number as in the original.... it forces us to ask those questions which, as individuals, we need always to ask... - A. T. Reyes, Groton School, Massachusetts, and Wolfson College, Oxford  The Journal of Inklings Studies

I guess I'll need to start by reading The Screwtape Letters first!

Those are just 5 eBooks that looked interesting to me as I was browsing through the Hoopla website. There are plenty more to choose from, in many different genres.

On Monday I'll have a roundup of graphic novels I can't wait to check out!

For highlight's of Hoopla's selection of music and movies, check out DFL's blog Dive Deep Into Movies and Music.

Keep reading! Beth

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