Monday, April 4, 2016

Outlander series #3: Voyager

Voyager (1994) by Diana Gabaldon is the third book in the Outlander series, also known (to myself as I was reading it) as Outlander: The Pirates of the Caribbean Year.

This was a really wonderful new chapter to the series after the resolution to the Scottish independence storyline from books 1 & 2. This book went in a completely different direction from the previous two, filled with swashbuckling high-seas adventures to go along with all the romance, intrigue, and historical interest. I was very glad of the change of pace, new scenery, and new characters, and for the story to delve into the unknown after following the slightly predictable course of a well-known historical event.

I loved the beginning of this story, when Claire starts exploring the possibility of trying to go back through the stones a third time, and all that entailed in leaving her now-established life behind and going back to the past. I especially liked the planning stages of having period-appropriate clothing made and stocking her supplies -- I often think about things like that myself; if I knew I was going to travel back to a particular time period, what would I bring and how would I prepare?

Though I thought it was a little abrupt how quickly she found Jaime when she went back, their reunion was very sweet and funny. I really liked the sea voyage and their journey around the Caribbean. And I'm glad that they really tied up a particular storyline that I thought had finished in previous books, but was concluded in a very satisfactory way in this book.

Overall, a thrilling continuation that excited me for future books in the series. And for the second season of the TV show, which premiers in a few days! The costumes alone will be gorgeous.

Keep reading! Beth

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